Range Sustainment Operations

  • ROMCO offers range design services that enable our clients to realize effective solutions for their training needs. Our services include full-service range design for all ranges and training facilities currently in the Army inventory, as well as design support, range planning, and master planning.
  • ROMCO is thoroughly experienced in the UAE Environmental Agency’s rules and regulation. We maintain a global focus, and are at the forefront of environmental, engineering, and design services at training ranges.
  • ROMCO Provides range management and maintenance plans that will:
    • Eliminate human health and ecological risks associated with Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)/ Ordnance and Explosives (OE) on training ranges
    • Prevent contaminants from migrating off range, using the latest clean-up technologies for explosives and perchlorate in soil and groundwater
    • Identification and segregation of training munitions (UXO and inert), target debris, hazardous waste (e.g., lead ammunition), and solid waste
    • Demilitarization (including certification and validation) of range residue.
    • Removal and recycling of demilitarized residues.
    • UXO/Scrap Inventory