Range Remediation

  • Reducing the Long-Term Risks and Life-Cycle Costs of Range Operations
  • Live-fire training is an integral part of the military’s training and is essential for maintaining mission readiness. ROMCO’s extensive experience in range remediation activities has enabled us to develop the expertise required to overcome the unique challenges presented in the maintenance and/or remediation of soils at Small Arms Firing Ranges (SAFRs) and Large Arms Training Areas (LATAs).
  • No-Net-Waste Approach
  • ROMCO implements a “no-net-waste” pollution prevention approach designed to reduce the long-term risks and life-cycle costs associated with range operations. When the ultimate end-use requirements of the range are recognized, this program can be tailored to both minimize project costs and to maximize recycling credits. The no-net-waste approach involves:Reclaiming recovered rounds under 40 CFR 261.1(c)(6) to prevent requirements of hazardous waste classification
    • Recycling recovered “scrap metal” and returning salvage money to the client to offset remediation costs
    • Reusing treated soils for berm reconstruction or subsequent installation construction projects
  • Residue Removal/Salvage
  • Target/UXO Inventory
  • UXO Removal