Indoor Range Services

ROMCO provides expertise in planning design, and construction of state-of-the-art Indoor Firing Ranges (IFRs) for military, law enforcement, and private owners. Key advantages of ROMCO range planning, design, and construction services include:

  • Professional range designers with experience in design requirements, including USAF ETL 02-11 and JSP403
  • Concept planning and operational/safety evaluations to determine training requirements and subsequent   range design, and upgrade needs
  • Strategic relationships with IFR equipment and service contractor’s provides best value through unbiased   recommendations and selection of optimal components to meet client needs
  • ROMCO design engineers are familiar with the unique ventilation requirements for IFRs and foundation/   structural requirements for backstops and baffles

Range Ventilation / Air Handling Systems

Indoor Range Compliance Auditing

Range Upgrades

Lead Assessment

Cleaning and Conversion