About us

Range Operations and Maintenance Company (ROMCO) is UAE owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, purpose built to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of range facilities in the UAE.

ROMCO operates, maintains and supports various range complexes for a wide selection of UAE military and civilian sectors using only certified and qualified former Military Personnel, Range Safety Officers, Engineers, Health & Safety, Fire Safety professionals and Technicians.

What sets ROMCO apart from the competition is that we are aligned with strategic Defence partners who specialize in the manufacturing, installation, training and support of various range products. ROMCO will plan, build, install, maintain and operate turnkey range projects, specific to customer requirements.


ROMCO is part of Remah International Group (RIG) of which the following are sister companies:

Advanced One Maplin Professional Services
Al Tuff International Maplin Marine
Bricks Technologies P.X. Tac Shop
Dive Co. Scientific Technology
Forward Defence Shamal Solutions